We moved to Colorado in 2008 and wanted to continue our hiking adventures that we had done on the Appalachian Trail. We began hiking around Denver, but needed more, so we decided to attempt our first 14,000 foot peak. The objective was Mt. Evans from Summit Lake. An easy one I know, but my son 8 yrs old, my daughter (10) and my wife all decided to join us.  The hike was a success and we all made it to the summit. 

      When I asked my son what he wanted as a reward for this great accomplishment, he said with much enthusiasm “A VIDEO GAME!"   This was not the response I was looking for, but I did get him his reward, but began to look for other options.

        I came across the opportunity to get a summit marker from Mt. Evans for him to keep and talk about with his friends.  When I gave it to him, his eyes opened very wide, he was very proud of it, and wanted to immediately display it. 

   Now fast forward and the video game is nowhere to be found, but the marker is proudly displayed on wall along with 16 other ones. Mission accomplished, and now he is an active part of the business, learning what it takes to run a business. He is also the one to determine what our next 14er will be.

      We now hope to summit all 58 official 14ers in Colorado and as many others as we can.  We changed our ideas of what we want to do with the business along the way.

       Our idea is to reward people for getting outside and living a healthy lifestyle, and learning about the outdoors. The healthier we are, the less sick we are as he says.   The more people that we can reward for getting outside and living a healthy life style, the better. 

  When and if you see us on any of the 14ers, we will have a few markers with us and we will be handing them out to the oldest and youngest person we see that day, and maybe an extra 1 or 2.  

   We support many charities and will work with any group to promote outside health and wellness.    Thanks for visiting our site and we hope to see you in the mountains!!!

Happy and Safe hiking!!!