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 This product is on clearance. when they are gone they will not be back. Get them while you can. 

The Yaktrax Pro is made from a more durable natural rubber blend is is perfect for the more active individual needing the additional stability that the strap will provide.  It remains simple to put on and take off and offers 360 degrees of traction to keep you safe on ice and snow.  The Pro is great for runners - just run as you normally would and let the Pro's hundreds of biting edges give you the traction you need to stay safe.
Note: Your new Yaktrax will last for years if properly utilized. They are designed to be worn on snow and ice so please slip them on when required and slip them off when not required. Hiking with Yaktrax on exposed rock and dry trails will reduce the lifespan of this product.  Additionally, do not wear them indoors, especially on tile or hardwood floors as they have may the opposite effect from walking on ice and snow and may cause you to fall.
Size Comparison Table: Yaktrax are unisex and stretch to fit any shoe size.  Use this as a guide for your best fit.
Extra Large
5 - 8.5
9 - 11
11.5 - 13.5
6.5 - 10
10.5 - 12.5
13 - 15


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